Photography by Kait | It's a... ~ Gender Reveal Smash Cake Session!

It's a... ~ Gender Reveal Smash Cake Session!

July 15, 2015  •  1 Comment

So as you probably know my family is expecting a beautiful new little one this November. As the ultrasound approached, I decided that I needed an awesome way to announce whether we'd be getting another girl or boy. And since our kiddos are so, so excited it was obvious it needed to be them that made the announcement.

Now, anyone who has ever met our kids knows that they all have very distinct personalities. This is not any more obvious than when it comes to portraits. So this experience is also a great lesson on planning your session to your children and family's unique needs. Our oldest tends to be some what nervous about photos, causing her normally gorgeous smile to seem forced or her being off the wall expressive. The middle one is happy about photos and can be very photogenic, but only on her terms. And the little one will sit and smile like a champ for just as long as I need and then he's off like a flash so I have to be quick.

I decided to plan the session with my oldest's beautiful, crazy energy in mind. Smash cakes are one of my favorite sessions to do because, 1) they are always so unique, 2) they are fun, 3) I always leave smelling like frosting. That was the direction I took because I kept picturing the awesome expressions she would give me. She didn't disappoint. Plus I knew the cake would keep my rambunctious 3 year old entertained and would totally make my 2 year old's morning.

So not only will you soon get to see the fun, frosting filled results this is also a good message to all of my families out there who have worried about how their children would behave for their session. Don't stress. Every child is different and that's all part of the job. Even as a photographer with kids who get photographed weekly at least I know that I have to use strategy to photograph each in the way that is best for each of their perfect, unique personalities.

So without any further ado, I give you our reveal!

IMG_0885 copyIMG_0885 copy

Credit to my mom for another awesome smash cake. She's the best!

IMG_0888 copyIMG_0888 copy IMG_0899 copyIMG_0899 copy

A couple of quick warm ups before they dig in. And then, drum roll...

IMG_0903 copyIMG_0903 copy IMG_0907 copyIMG_0907 copy IMG_0914 copyIMG_0914 copy IMG_0916 copyIMG_0916 copy IMG_0921 copyIMG_0921 copy IMG_0922 copyIMG_0922 copy


IMG_0938 copyIMG_0938 copy

The ultrasound confirmation was really just a formality since Daddy had insisted since day 1 that it would be a boy.

He's 4 for 4 on guessing. I'll never hear the end of it.


Now, let the real cake smashing begin!



IMG_0963 copyIMG_0963 copy IMG_0966 copyIMG_0966 copy IMG_0978 copyIMG_0978 copy IMG_0979 copyIMG_0979 copy IMG_0983 copyIMG_0983 copy IMG_0990 copyIMG_0990 copy

I wanted to get a couple of close ups of each baby too.

IMG_0993 copyIMG_0993 copy IMG_1001 copyIMG_1001 copy IMG_1008 copyIMG_1008 copy

See, told you she delivered.

IMG_1017 copyIMG_1017 copy IMG_0932 copyIMG_0932 copy IMG_1022 copyIMG_1022 copy IMG_0935 copyIMG_0935 copy

IMG_0957 copyIMG_0957 copy

Nice duck face buddy.

IMG_0940 copyIMG_0940 copy IMG_0949 copyIMG_0949 copy IMG_0961 copyIMG_0961 copy

And the aftermath.

IMG_1036 copyIMG_1036 copy IMG_1030 copyIMG_1030 copy


So there you have it! We are so excited to have a new handsome man joining our family. Hope you enjoyed the photos! I've got to say the whole thing was a ton of fun.

And as always if you are in need of a gender reveal, smash cake, or really any kind of kiddo session, feel free to contact me. I'd love to help you out!


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