Photography by Kait | Big (tiny) Addition to Photography by Kait!

Big (tiny) Addition to Photography by Kait!

June 05, 2015  •  1 Comment

Baby CoverBaby Cover


So excited to announce that Photography by Kait is expecting to grow by another little photographer!

I couldn't think of a better way to share the news than with photos of my current cuties.

They are super excited. :)


Now I did this session, alone, with babies. And since I did I had to share some of the behind the scenes.


First, some of Ellie's other ideas for her portion of the session. She's a ham.


IMG_7395 copyIMG_7395 copy IMG_7398 copyIMG_7398 copy


Second, Max all together not wanting to participate. Of course.

IMG_7429 copyIMG_7429 copy IMG_7424 copyIMG_7424 copy


Basstian getting distracted and then helping me clean up. So like him.

IMG_7447 copyIMG_7447 copy IMG_7451 copyIMG_7451 copy


And finally, what it took for me to photograph myself. So thankful for all who have taught me my mad photography skills because photographing yourself with a DSLR with 2 toddlers running 3 feet away is surprisingly challenging. Also, note my cat hiding under the bush in the corner. Laughing at me in her silent cat way no doubt.

IMG_7455 copyIMG_7455 copy


Check back in about 6 months to see some squishy new baby photos!






Wow child! That's fantastic! Take care of yourself and be kind to yourself. Love you, and yours and all the little yous.
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