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Why I'm Thankful Wednesday: Part 1

February 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Let me know if this sounds familiar.

You feel stressed. The house is a mess. The kids are having a tantrum day (which is difficult whether it be one or many or even just an adult). A new vehicle expense has come in. You find yourself never having time for you or your friends. Everything seems to be piling all up in one day. You're frustrated and you don't know what you are going to do.

If you are like me you've had these days before. Probably more than once. Maybe even once a week. So what do you do? I can tell you what I would do. Run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to put out fires. I know, not the best plan but it's real life. When you are a full time mom/wife/business owner/homemaker, life can get crazy and it's easy to get caught up in it. What can be hard is slowing down when life feels like it is going a million miles an hour.

Which is why I am starting something new. Why I'm Thankful Wednesday. One day in the middle of the hectic week to stop and take notice of everything I am thankful for, big and small.


Because having a messy house means you have a safe place to sleep.

Pouty babies are not always pouty. Usually they are beautiful, snuggly, perfect bundles of love. Pouty significant others can be too. ;)

Vehicle expenses mean you are blessed enough to have a vehicle.

Busy schedules mean a full life and knowing you have friends who care for you even when you are busy.



Instead of spending one day a week stressing out about life, I'm designating one just for thinking of everything as a blessing. And I think doing so is so important that I am sharing that with you. One day a week of change can start an every day habit of happier living. And if this once a week post can inspire just one person, they can spread that happiness into the world too.

So how does one celebrate Why I'm Thankful Wednesday? It's easy. Just take a moment when you feel frustrated to find the silver lining or when you are happy to enjoy it. Easy. If you want you can even keep a special journal of these moments to help you through other stressful days of the week. This is how mine would look today.


1) Thankful for my daughter's idea to include monkey's in our Valentine's decor. They are so her.

2) Thankful I only have 5 toes. Because I would have broken that 6th one so hard today. And about a million other times before.

3) Thankful my husband's sister is as silly as I am and I can be myself when I talk to her. Even though my schedule can prevent us from getting together a lot, our ridiculous conversations always make my day.


I'll have more as the day goes on but you get the idea. :) Just take one day once a week and train your perspective on the positive.You'll be amazed what a difference one positive thought can make.


Now, to help you start your Why I'm Thankful Wednesday, I'll share with you our monkey inspired Valentine's decorations. Thanks to my Valentine's Pinterest board for the inspiration!


Heart chains, family hand print hearts, and love monkeys! Oh my!


BOARD12 copyBOARD12 copy


I hope this can inspire at least one person to have a better day today.

I'd love to hear your "Why I'm Thankful Wednesday" story in the comments below!

Have a wonderful day!



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