Photography by Kait | August ~ Sauk Prairie Family Photography

August ~ Sauk Prairie Family Photography

May 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

August 10 month (129)August 10 month (129)


Dear Baby Gus,

When we started your session, your mommy and I were chatting. (We tend to do that a lot when we are together. I will apologize now because you will soon learn that Miss Kait is very talkative.) She asked me about a recent surprise engagement session I had done and if it was one of my favorites. I said I could totally photograph one every day, so definitely top ten. Then she asked "Top five?"

That made me think, because I get to do a lot of amazing sessions. Before I could answer, you had started eating dandelion fluff and the subject got changed, but I thought about it more later and decided that session may very well be top 5. More importantly, I also decided that this one, with you and your mommy & daddy and the sunset and the grape vines, definitely was.

And I can't wait to fill another top five slot when you turn one. :)

Je t'aime mon petit chou!


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